The Chaos Effect


By Justin Kimberlin

The assassin slowly drifted out of the shadows to take aim. He gazed at the somber crowd
to catch a glimpse of that which would be no more. A shallow veil of darkness surrounded his
parting lips. It was as good a day as any to start a revolution, he thought. The instrument of
death suddenly grew cold in his hand. Should I change the course of the world so drastically.
He struggled with his dissention at what the other had told him. The words echoed through his
mind, his soul. Today is merely yesterday’s tomorrow. Lives must be saved. As he carefully
pulled the trigger and released the deadly contents of his weapon, he realized that the fate of the
world had suddenly been changed. There was no going back, the shot had been fired. The
instrument of death slowly spiraled to meet its target in what seemed to the assassin to be eons of
time. In the ensuing chaos the assassin had disappeared.

The hunters would come for him soon. The rupture in time would alert them to his
presence. The guardians with their precious unbreakable rules would make him dissipate for what
he had done. The Guardians have their precious rules that no one can violate. Darkness
overshot the land as they hurried upon his trail like the four horseman of the apocalypse. The time
stream was collapsing as hurricane of lightning descended upon him. Then the storm abruptly
ended with a horrendous crashing sound echoing through the streets. They had arrived. They
stared at him with a diabolical hunger in their black eyes. He stared back at them with an empty
gaze as if he knew his time had come. The leader opened his lips as if to spell out the assassin’s
impending doom and then whispered softly in the wind, “Thank you.” The Guardians turned and
slowly faded away into the darkness.


  1. Jeffrey (Todd) Kimberlin says:

    Dude, I like your style… It must be a Kimberlin thing… later cuz………