FAQ (In Progress)

I have begun putting a FAQ together for this site.  This is the first draft of the FAQ.

How long has this site been around?

This site has been around since 1996 when it was Justin Kimberlin’s Universe.  On November 10, 2003, I changed the domain to justinkimberlin.com.  In 2008, I updated the site using WordPress.

Where are your books?

I don’t have any out yet, but when they are I will be posting when and where they will be available from this site: justinkimberlin.com.

This self-publishing thing is a pain.  Will you publish my book?

I will most likely be starting a small publishing company.  I am currently the only editor.  At the moment I have no graphic designers for book covers.

Why is it taking you so long to get your own books out?

I work all the time, so there is very little time left over for actual writing.

What do you write your books in?

I use LibreOffice (which is based on OpenOffice).  I have my settings customized based on L. Leona Davis’ Basic Fiction Formatting for Smashwords in OpenOffice so that my books come out in a format that works for e-book distributors.

How can I get your books?

I will have links available at justinkimberlin.com.  Every book I write will be available in print at CreateSpace and electronic versions will be available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBookStore, and most other major ebook sale locations.

I still love actual books.  Can I get some sort of package for the physical book and the e-book together?

Yes.  In fact I have a belief that all e-books should be free when you buy the print version.  I’m looking at a coupon program to do this.

Help, I have an old device to read on and I’m stuck with crappy older formats.  Can I still get your e-books?

Yes.  Buy the Smashwords editions.  They are DRM-free and  come with just about every older format except .lit.  If you really need .lit books you can download Calibre and convert them (because they are DRM free).

I have a Kindle reader, but I’m really liking this new Nook (or vice versa).  I’m scared to buy an ebook from the Kindle Store (or the B&N Nook store).  What can I do?

Buy it from Smashwords instead and download BOTH the Epub and Mobi editions.  The editions are DRM-free and can be transfered to your Kindle or Nook via a USB cable.  If you want a program to manage this use Calibre.

What is this DRM thing you keep talking about?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management.  It sounds like a good idea and is supposed to protect intellectual property, but it really just ticks off customers.  It keeps them tied to a specific format.  The only choices for switching to another device are to buy the books again or illegally circumvent DRM.  Both Kindle and Nook do this.  But you can still use DRM-free books on those devices.  That’s what the Mobi and Epub formats are for.  Because only DRM-free books can be converted to different formats, DRM essentially punishes people who legally buy their books and rewards people who illegally download their books.  I recommend buying e-books DRM-free if you can.

You keep talking about Calibre.  Why?  Do you get money from them or something?

No, in fact—Calibre is a free program.  It is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X.  It even has a portable edition that you can run on a flash drive.

I illegally downloaded a copy of your book but I saw it on Smashwords for free today?  WTF?

Well I’ll bet you feel like Spongebob and Patrick stealing a balloon on free balloon day.  I will routinely run specials to promote the books.

Ug, this .lit thing is a pain.  Isn’t there some better way to read books on my old device?

Check for an edition of Mobipocket Reader for your old device.  I started reading e-books on a Jornada 520.  It came with Windows CE and Microsoft Reader (hence the .lit).  I upgraded to Mobipocket Reader and found it was much, much better than Microsoft Reader.  It uses the .mobi format so you will be covered.

Why do you like both print and digital editions?

There is nothing like holding a printed copy of a book in your hand and reading it.  There are more jobs associated with the print editions as well.  I love the e-book editions because they can be placed in a relatively small device that weighs practically nothing.  I have also been working with e-books since the 1990s.  When a new book comes out by one of my favorite authors, I prefer to get BOTH the print and e-book editions.